Waterdeep Hazardous Action Team (LFR)

CORE1-1 Inheritance

When the Netherese conquered Sembia those who objected were either killed or forced to flee. Decades later, a young man inherits a key to the family vault abandoned seventy years earlier. Desperate for money, he hires you to retrieve its contents in a gamble that something worthwhile is still there.

When the Shadovar banned all religions except Shar, now seventy years ago, the merchant princes of Urmlaspyr rebelled. At the time Urmlaspyr was a religious and tolerant city. The city’s ruling body was ingrained with the temple hierarchies. The Shadovar reacted with force, killing and enslaving many. Others managed to escape and flee into neighboring regions.
The battle left its scars on the city, some of which are still present for all to see. Dark clouds, conjured during that conflict, perpetually hide the sun above Urmlaspyr. Parts of the city became and remained dangerous ruins, riddled with the remnants of magical battles and haunted by creatures from the Shadowfell. These regions have been walled, and it is illegal to enter them without permission from the authorities, something that has not been given in decades out of fear of disturbing things that are best left alone.
One of the families that fled the city during the rebellion were the Thanterim, merchant princes closely allied with the temple of Tymora. The few survivors fled to Suzail. Seventy years later only one heir remains, the impoverished merchant Deskyr.
Deskyr’s father recently died, leaving his son nothing but debts, tales of old glory and a key to the old family vault located in the ruins of the mansion in Urmlaspyr. Realizing it is unlikely anything of value remains after seven decades, but desperate for some money, Deskyr decides to hire adventurers to retrieve the contents of the vault.
After all, the manor lies in one of the walled-off parts of town, still in ruins after the conflict, and it is unlikely it has been raided except perhaps during the conflict. A group of adventurers should be resourceful enough to get past the guards as well as any monsters that might haunt the ruins.

CORE1 Tymora’s Token
Tymora’s token is an octagonal golden coin about 1 inch in diameter. One side depicts three rolling dice and the other the head of Tymora. The coin glows softly as long as in the hands of the person who earned the token. When the coin is tossed by its owner, it always land on the side predicted. When shown, Tymorans treat the owner of the coin more favorably. Enemies of Tymora’s faith tend to react less favorably instead. The exact effects are up to the DM, but it should never generate automatic success or failures unless specified otherwise in the adventure.

CORE3 Tymoran Scriptures
These scriptures detail stories and ritual practices of Tymora. They are decorated with finely detailed pictures. Most stories and rituals are somewhat outdated, but they can be a great help when dealing with the religion of Tymora, assuming you have some time to study the texts. The exact effects are up to the DM, but it should never generate automatic success or failures unless specified otherwise in the adventure. In addition, there is a detailed map filled with cryptic clues about an unknown temple of Tymora.


Kenny Hopkins

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